About LILC

The LILC grew out of the LINK Resource Center, which was housed at the Village Focus International office for nine years and offered land resources for all to access. LILC is the next generation of the LINK Center, hosted collaboratively by the Land Information Working Group and VFI, and is focused on increasing collaboration between all organizations and individuals working on land issues, sharing information and knowledge products, and pushing forward the dialogue on land in Laos.

The LILC houses hundreds of documents about land and natural resources, as well as over 60 online resources through a web database, with new resources being added continuously. (View online documents here.) These resources are meant to be used by all, with the goal of spreading information about land rights in Laos and engaging more people in the work of protecting villagers’ land.

In addition, LILC hosts regular events to foster collaboration, information sharing, and partnerships among all stakeholders in the land sector in Laos. These events cover a wide array of topics and are generally open to the public. To view our upcoming events in more detail, explore our calendar. If your organization has an idea for an event, contact us.