Why land?

Land is life for the vast majority of the population in Laos. With over 70 percent of the population living in rural areas, and nearly 80 percent engaged in agricultural production, land rights are absolutely necessary to a stable, productive livelihood. Unfortunately, a lack of land tenure security in Laos means that villagers often do not have assurance that their land is protected. Little legal enforcement and legal knowledge, combined with very sparse land titling practices, means that villagers are vulnerable to exploitation by investors and other outsiders. And when people lose access to their land, they also lose access to their food and income sources, and thus their entire livelihoods.

The LILC aims to raise awareness of challenges surrounding land in Laos by making information widely available through public reports, handbooks, legal guides, community toolkits, and other resources. Our aim is to connect all organizations, government agencies, academic institutions, and others to push forward the dialogue about land rights in Laos and protect the villagers who depend on land.

Land holds the key to so much of Laos’ development: agriculture, food security, nutrition, income, and the economy. Raising awareness for land issues can play a major part in ensuring vulnerable populations across the country are protected, and their rights respected.